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03 최은하

최종 수정일: 2020년 2월 23일

작가는 이번전시를 통해 또 다른 방법을 모색한다. 이전의 가상현실에서 가상+현실을 직접 보여주는 시도이다. 줄무늬 벽과 흘러내리는 빨간 문..., 초현실적인 화면을 연상시킨다. 그리고 영상모니터를 설치해 가상과 현실을 구분한다. 정지된 벽과 줄무늬 그리고 작가의 의도된 3D영상은 작가의 자유로움을 느끼게 한다. 갑갑하고 정형화된 사물의 형태를 벗어나 흐뜨러진 선을 통해 작가의 자유로움을 표현한다.

모든 사물은 만유인력의 법칙에 속해 있다. 그러나 김민정 작가의 사과는 아래에서 위로 떨어진다. 시간과 공간의 법칙에서 벗어나 있는 것이다. 작가는 바닥모서리를 촬영해 천정 모서리로 변이시켰다. 처음에는 천정모서리로 알고 보다가 아래에서 위로 떨어지는 사과를 보고 법칙이라는 고정관념에서 풀려난다. 마치 뉴턴이 만유인력의 법칙을 알아내지 않았다면 위로 떨어지는 사과도 자연스럽다는 주장을 하고 있다. 김민정 작가의 이번 전시는 가상현실에서 한 단계 더 나아갔다. 그리고 병치된 영상과 실재의 공간으로써 가상을 현실처럼 동일시하여 관람자에게 실제 주변상황과 상호작용을 하게 한다.

최은하 (미술사/관훈갤러리 큐레이터)

Min-jeong Kim Artist tends to design visual reality with the use of video and computer. These processes are as follows:

In the first place, the artist makes the observations and real measurements on the given space. Next, the artist reflects her own thoughts or feelings into the real space, and then recomposes and draws her art works. After that, the artist attempts to recreate the changed space as the visual space, with the aid of 3D computer programs. Min-jeong-Kim Artist brings life to the space, where is merely perceived as the space without any grounded points so that such space can be revived as the value of reason d'etre.

For Min-jeong Kim, 'space' is same applied to image of 'canvas' To put it in another way, any given space is the start point of imagination, communication and destination for art works. It is ceiling, wall and floor that are perceived and defined as space. This is 'side'. And, the space where each side meets with each other forms a line, and such line is concentrated in edge, rendering a dot. Then, the artist continues to perform her repetitive works to assemble or dissemble each factor, and then reanalyze and recompose it. Given space is equal to stereotyped idea, while new space is the deviation and freedom out of certain ideas.

When we arrive at the exhibition hall, we can hear someone breathe.

In childhood, we would imagine that objects, such as toys, might have life. Such belief is mirrored vividly through visual art works by Min-jeong Kim Artist. Every artist plays his or her own role to choose a certain art work and brings life to such work. The breathing sound is demonstrated as wall in eye of us. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ! We are invited to the imagination by the artist. Being dizzy is dazzling and, dazzling is fantastic.

For every artist, the stereotyped frameworks are meaningless. Thus, such artist has attempted to abolish the concept of any form or rule. To put it in another way, Any artist breaks, dismantles and disassembles space forms apart into pieces. Everything on the earth has its own living creature. Min-jeong Kim Artist attempts to see her own images through certain objects. And, she inspires life to the visual space and coexists in it, rather than tries to lock her own presence in the isolated, lonely and stereotyped space.

The artist seeks to find out different ways to create her art works through experiences that she did through this exhibition show. Her bid can be referred to as the direct combination with imagination and reality in light of pre- visual world. Stripe wall, and sliding red door associate viewers with superelastic screen. And, imagination and reality are compared and differentiated through video monitor.

Still wall, stripe and 3D images which are intended to design by the artists evoke up freedom to the artist. Through not rigid and stereotyped object but deviated lines, the artist strives to highlight the image of freedom that the artist can enjoy.

Every object is applied according to 'Law of Gravity". But ironically, the apple of Min-jeong Kim Artist falls upward from down, violating the universal and stereotyped rules beyond time and space.

The artist transforms the photo of the image of floor edge into that of ceiling edge. From the perspective of her art work, it is clear that the apple falls upward from down and reaches the object of ceiling edge-looking image, Such sight causes us to get out of the stereotyped idea of Law of Gravity. If we didn't know about 'Law of Gravity' formulated by Newton, we might take it granted that apple falling upward from down can be applied, she holds.

This exhibition by Min-jeong Kim Artist heads for one step further and conceptualizes other elements in addition to those in relation to visual world. She identifies installed video images with real and visual world, inducing viewers to interact with their real surroundings.

Eyun-ha Choi (Painter / Curator of Kwanhoon Gallery )


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